Do You Buy Full Collections?

YES! We are happy to buy full collections. You simply send us a description of what you have for sale using the form on the right, we will then contact you and request photos and further information. At that point, we will work out an estimate of what we could offer you and then we go from there!

How Do I Send You My Stuff?

We will work with you to arrange a courier to send your items to either the UK or USA, depending on which country works best for you. In some circumstances, we may be able to collect more valuable items in person.

How To I Get Paid?

We will pay you via PayPal or we will pay you when we collect items if the purchase is done in person.

Will You Buy Single Items?

YES! We are always looking for new and unusual items to add to our collections and our store! If you have something you would like to sell, just send us a message and we will let you know if it is something we would be happy to purchase.


We are interested in all your MJ items! We prefer to buy in bulk or buy rare and hard to find items, but we take a look at absolutely everything!

If you have something you’re not sure about, send us a description of what you have and we will get in contact with you asap!

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