Our goal is to source rare Michael Jackson artefacts from around the world and offer them to unbeatable prices

At MJ Market, we are a team of dedicated and passionate fans that have created a business out of our passion – Michael Jackson. We believe all collectors should have access to rare and unusual items at great prices.

We source items from all over the world and have contacts in over 10 countries in order to bring you the best and most unique pieces of memorabilia.

We take on the difficult task of sourcing these rarities so that you don’t have to – providing you with a simple and seamless buying experience.

If you are looking for a particular item and need assistance, our team can help source it for you at a price you are comfortable with.




Jonathan lives in Philadelphia, PA USA, and has been a buyer and seller of Michael Jackson collectibles for 25+ years.

He has over 1000 vinyl records in his Michael Jackson collection, in addition to many other rare collectibles from around the world. His collection has been filmed for documentary programming on Michael Jackson collections, and was the winner for the 2022 Hector Barjot Award. Jonathan also previously managed website for the world’s largest Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC) from 2003-2013.

In addition to collecting Michael Jackson memorabilia, he has an extensive vintage vinyl record collection of over 1500 classic rock, R&B, soul, and country music albums. When he is not collecting, Jonathan is a music maven, attending countless live concerts of too many artists to name!


Jamie lives near Manchester in the UK and has been a Michael Jackson fan for over 27 years and has been collecting Michael Jackson Memorabilia for over 20 years.

Jamie has a large collection with items ranging from signed awards and prints to unreleased acetates.

Jamie has developed an in-depth knowledge of Michael Jackson memorabilia over the years and is excited to be able to put this experience to good use for MJ Market.

In addition to collecting Michael Jackson memorabilia, Jamie is a web developer and enjoys model making in his spare time.